Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Building by color Scheme, Armadillomasters Assassins Ship

Yesterday I built by color scheme.

I used two main colors White and Green.

 Sorry about the blur. our camera is kinda weird.

This is what came out!!!
Armadillomasters Assassins Ship

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Monday, May 24, 2010

My Fav MOCs from MAY

Dassault Mirage F1C-100 minifig scale Lego model.

About this creation
Contains 2 MegaBloks parts : the R.530 missiles
2 x Matra Magic 550 short-range AAM's.
2 x Matra R.530 medium-range AAM's.
1 x 1,200-litre fuel tank
minifig pilot
detailed cockpit
retractable landing gear
movable canopy and elevator

Little Blue Eyes

H-Bare noticed that if you take a perpendicular axle joiner, put a red 2M axle and two blue axle pins in it, it makes a nice little Micro Face. Cool. An LDRAW file for the face is attached..

Techno Guild Carrier

The Techno Guild provided carrier spacecraft to the Confederacy of Independent Systems which had an auspicious start during the Geonosian conflict. The carriers ranged in size depending on their purpose; whereas the medium types carried less Battle Droid Units, they were deployed faster than the larger core ships.

That's it for this month come back in June for more!!!

P.S. Sorry This is a little late but on May 5th I became a LEGO Universe Closed-Beta Tester!!!!!